gituwa: static git web frontend generator

gituwa is static git web frontend generator. You can find it self-hosted here.

It lets you browse file tree, display file content, and also prepare nice repo main page with file tree, photo of your project and README.

Usage of gituwa:

gituwa [repo_path] [output_path] [repository_description]

where repo_path can be a path to bare repository, and repository description is a short text that will be displayed next to name of the repository.

To update files automatically on git push I recommend updating post-receive hook of repositories to include call of gituwa.

I was looking for something like that for my site, and I found stagit, which is great software, but I decided to implement something simpler by myself. So in terms of features gituwa is definitely a subset of stagit except directory structure in file tree and added image on the main page of repository.

I think that image makes a lot of difference when looking at repositories of strangers on the internet, as it removes barrier of cloning and compiling a thing to see what it is really about