You thought about it enough, start doing

I believe most people spend too much time on theoretical exploration rather than executing on their ideas. Of course, some areas need big theoretical background, and there is some virtue in coming "prepared" for the task. But often times when it comes to starting new hobby or that little project you have in mind, I would recomend getting your hands dirty fast.

For long time I was always dreaming about making my own music, something around house / hip hop beats. I have watched a ton of youtube videos, read about stories of musicians I listen too, but never actually tried to create something. My firends sometimes share with me really exiting ideas, however, more often than not, when we met again after few months, those ideas are still only ideas. It's hard to say what is the cause of that, maybe analysis paralysis, maybe fear of failure or perfectionism.

But I believe that there is also some kind of inertia - the longer we stay in the theoretical realm, the harder it becomes to start executing.

One evening I bought music sampler (for too much money), and suddenly all the things I read about making music before make more sense. Things become a lot clearer, and finally I could start actually progressing in a way that can only happen from practise.