Digital gardens

Recently I came across the term digital gardens. It encapsulates a concept that has long been present on the web but was coined only recently.

In my words, digital garden is a way to play with and grow your ideas, organized as an interconnected set of evergreen notes. Unlike chronological/hierarchical organizational systems popular today it emphasise non-linear nature of thinking. It's often closely tied with thinking in public, sharing your ideas, working with garage door up.

In short, it's probably your CS professor's website. Or a wiki with backlinks.

Here are some blog posts that explore this topic far better than I do: And more examples of digital gardens:

I don't run my digital garden yet, but it feels like it can be a good way to think. Taking care of your garden sounds like it can translate better to taking care of your mind than taking care of generating new entries in your feed. But of course, either way, you still have to put in hard work to get quality output.

It's a shame that I find myself so hyped about this way of running my blog just after I finish developing my own static site generator :D Don't want to be one of these blogs, where posts revolve more around new tools used to run a blog than the actual content. But I believe that where digital gardens shine is blogs with an extensive collection of articles, mostly researching new topics, While I may have some time before reaching that stage, I plan to incorporate some ideas of digital gardening already.