Elden Ring is really good

I will be just a short note, but I have so much joy playing Elden Ring. I love the atmosphere and subtle way of leading the story. Combat is satisfying, monster design is top-notch. I often stop to just watch how beautiful the world in this game is.

Open world is awesome, but also you will find linear, carefully designed levels similar to those in Dark Souls.

And after around 50 hours I still didn't finish the game, cause there is so much to explore (I hope this review will be valid after beating the game too).

My only remark will be that in my opinion upgrade system is not ideal. There are so many weapons, spells and other gear in this game, and almost nothing stops you from using it and experimenting (you can even respec your character midgame multiple times). But in the end, you have to upgrade your gear to fight with harder enemies, and upgrades are very resource hungry, you can't aford to upgrade multiple weapons. Which leads to less experimentation and less fun.

It kinda forces you to check wiki for optimal builds (which I refuse to do), because you can't afford to make mistakes, and this is something that sucks. I believe that in gaming generally using wikis takes half the fun away, but it's a topic for a different time.

But even with this flaw this game is a masterpiece and I recommend it to everyone.