Productivity is for choosing direction

I'm getting bombarded with productivity tips from everywhere. To be honest, sometimes it's me who is searching for some productivity porn.

It seems that productivity is pervasive theme of our lives. With all these techniques, habits, and strategies is easy to lose sight of the "why" behind our pursuit of productivity. Getting more done is the obvious one, nevertheless shouldn't be the only one, as your to-do list probably will never be emptied.

I believe that one of the biggest gains of being productive is that finally, after completing all necessary daily hustle occupying your mind, you can pause to think about where you want to direct your productivity, what are your goals.

Maybe even it's not about being productive, but peace of mind, escaping constant sense of urgency. And for me, this feeling often comes from completing a task. And when I am productive it's often also the time packed with reflections on directions of my actions and goals.